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Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs Daugavpils Ledus halle

Daugavpils Ice hall

Figure skating Public skating Hockey Amateur sport HK Daugavpils

Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs Daugavpils Ledus halle

The construction of Daugavpils Ice hall began in May 1999, and six months later, in November 1999 a new sports building was opened and started its operation. As a result, Daugavpils acquired center for recreation and modern sports’ development.

Visitors of Daugavpils Ice hall can enjoy winter fun all year round. Hockey and figure skating in Daugavpils offer an opportunity to entertain locals and residents from the surrounding area. Ice hall’s arena corresponds to European standards, so international competitions may be held here.

Daugavpils open championships in hockey are regularly held in Daugavpils Ice hall and it has become a tradition. Not only teams from Daugavpils and Daugavpils region take part in these championships, but also teams from Jekabpils, Preili, Dagda, Lubani, Rokiškis and other Latvian and Lithuanian cities. The local hockey club "Latgale" was one of the leading Latvian clubs for many years, but now the honor of Daugavpils in national championships defends HK "Daugavpils / LDZ Cargo".


    There are 1 234 seats in the Ice hal, as well as 750 parking places.

    Sportsmen from Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and other neighboring countries choose Daugavpils Ice hall as one of the best places for training, competitions, games and social meetings. Training camps of foreign clubs have become the daily life of the Ice hall.

    Citizens have the opportunity to watch a variety of interesting ice show programs - ice ballet, circus on ice, etc. The ice arena is also used for large concerts, festivals and sporting events. Of course, you can also learn how to skate here, or just spend a great time.

    Working hours

  • Working days
  • Weekend
  • Each week, Daugavpils Ice hall offers the opportunity to rent ice for their needs: public skating, hockey games and figure skating. Here you can find the workload of Ice hall for this and next week.
    Schedules can be supplemented.

    Skates’ sharpening

  • Daugavpils Ice hall offers skates’ sharpening services.
  • Working hours

  • Working days
    15.00-17.00 un 19.00-21.00
  • Weekend
    by request
  • Telephone number: 29284175

Figure skating

Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs Daiļslidošanas nodaļa

Department of Daugavpils Ice hall’s figure skating invites children and adults to learn the basics of figure skating. All students are trained by professional coaches and choreographers.

If you are interested in the opportunity to learn figure skating, you can get acquainted with all services of the department of figure skating in details.

Public skating

Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs Masu slidošana

Enjoy the ice and snow any time of the year.

Daugavpils Ice hall offers the opportunity to enjoy the magic of ice skating! You can come individually, in pairs or make a reservation for skating in groups. We can rent skates, hockey sticks and other necessary equipment.

Prices for Ice rink’s tickets (per 1 visit)
Skates’ rental1,50 EUR/pair
1 hour skating2,50 EUR/hour
1 hour skating (seniors and students, who provide identification document)1,50 EUR/hour
Locker0,50 EUR
Hockey stick’s rental1,00 EUR/hour
Helmet’s rental1,00 EUR/hour
Skating with a stick3,50 EUR/hour

    Time for public skating 23.04.2018 - 29.04.2018

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    10:30; 20:15 (with hockey stick)
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    10:15; 11:30
  • Friday
    9:30 (with hockey stick); 12:30
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Time for public skating can be changed. Check out information!

Department of hockey

Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs Hokeja nodaļa

Daugavpils Youth Sports school’s department of hockey provides an opportunity for children of different ages to engage in this exciting sport.

Hockey’ s department invites young people (2008 – 2010 year of birth) to sign up for hockey’s training. Younger or older young people can leave requests, too.


    All the training in the Daugavpils Youth Sports school’s department of hockey are free.

  • Amateur sport

    Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs Amatieru sports

    Daugavpils hockey championship among men is annually held in Daugavpils Ice hall. Teams from Daugavpils and other Latvian cities participate in the championship.

    Championship standings
    HK Madona914
    Seniors’ championship
    Latgales alus916
    Vecie buki78
    Ledus lāči913

      Hockey’s championship calendar

    • 14.04.18 - 16:45-18:15
      Latgols - Lazdukalns
    • 14.04.18 - 19:45-21:15
      Lazdukalns - PSK
    • 15.04.18 - 16:30-18:00
      Saskaņa - Kalupe

      Hockey’s championship calendar (seniors')

    • 14.04.18 - 11:45-12:45
      PSK-45 - Latgales Alus

      Latvian veteran championship's 2017-2018 calendar and games' results

    HK Daugavpils/LDZ Cargo

    Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs Amatieru sports

    This section provides information about the leading teams of Daugavpils hockey club "Daugavpils / LDz Cargo". Daugavpils team together with LDZ Cargo, supported by Daugavpils local government, took part in the first championship of the Latvian Hockey League. The team combined both young and talented and much more experienced players.

    HK Daugavpils/LDZ Cargo applications for season 2017/2018
    Name, SurnameYear of BirthWeightHeightPosition
    Aleksejs Cerikovs12.09.200172 kg183 cmGoalkeeper
    Aleksejs Bihanovs28.01.198480 kg179 cmDefensman
    Anatolijs Ļeončiks07.11.199089 kg185 cmDefensman
    Artjoms Drizļonoks01.06.199775 kg180 cmDefensman
    Artūrs Šakurovs06.12.199965 kg170 cmDefensman
    Deniss Kurelass26.07.198773 kg182 cmGoalkeeper
    Ernests Azarevičs11.09.200169 kg177 cmDefensman
    Dmitrijs Larionovs04.12.199280 kg179 cmDefensman
    Vladislavs Dudins09.03.199287 kg180 cmDefensman
    Ainārs Azarevičs11.09.200152 kg165 cmDefensman
    Artūrs Pontags05.05.200162 kg170 cmHitter
    Haims Joffe08.09.200075 kg188 cmHitter
    Ivans Kokins04.07.199192 kg181 cmHitter
    Ivars Sprūģis16.03.199773 kg182 cmDefensman
    Andrejs Kondrovskis-Kudrjavskis16.01.199376 kg180 cmDefensman
    Ruslans Kurelass21.01.199185 kg184 cmGoalkeeper
    Vitālijs Ļeščovs09.03.199157 kg176 cmHitter
    Jevgenijs Rostovs23.05.200195 kg188 cmHitter
    Valerii Pushkarev06.10.199880 kg180 cmHitter
    Artūrs Kuzmenkovs01.12.199399 kg188 cmHitter
    Vladislavs Barkovskis04.09.200075 kg180 cmHitter
    Renāts Vabiščevičs16.05.199073 kg176 cmHitter
    Maksims Osipovs11.08.199578 kg179 cmHitter
    Sergejs Jegorovs06.05.198970 kg170 cmDefensman
    Aleksejs Matvejevs30.05.199276 kg180 cmHitter
    Jevgeņijs Moisejevs28.04.199760 kg170 cmHitter
    Vadims Vabiščevičs13.07.198985 kg174 cmHitter

    Games’ calendar

    Daugavpils/LDZ Cargo - Liepāja
    Daugavpils/LDZ Cargo - Liepāja
    Standings for season 2016/2017