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swimming pools

For relaxation the excellent solution is the spa zone which additionally offers the sauna, steam bath and massage baths to combine with a refreshing swim. You can learn to swim or develop your swimming skills attending the swimming pool complex offered swimming lessons. The program is suitable for all age groups: from children to adults. We offer swimming pool rent possibilities for enterprises and individual events.


    We kindly request you to control your visiting time. The fine of 0,28 EUR is charged for every overtime minute.

    Please, also follow the validity of your monthly attendance. The deadline the monthly attendance will not be extended.

    The sports center does not provide towels for rent. Please, bring the personal swimming belongings with you.

Olympic card holders - 10% discount

Juniors, seniors and people with special needs get 10% discount on working days from 08:00 to 16:00
Juniors, seniors and people with special needs who are Olympic card holders get 20% discount

Swimming classes’ schedule (09.01.2023.-31.05.2023.)
8:00- 9:00------
9:00- 10:00------
10:00- 11:00------
11:00-12:00-----I level 6-8 years
Leontīns / SSP
16:00-17:00-III level 8-15 years
Leontīns / MSP
--III level 8-15 years
Leontīns / MSP
17:30-18:30-II level 6-11 years
Leontīns / SSP
--II level 6-11 years
Leontīns / SSP
18:00-19:00--I level 6-8 years
Leontīns / SSP
Trainers: Leontīns Udovs, Valērijs Ustinov
SSP – small swimming pool
MSP – the main swimming pool
I level (children aged 6-8) - Children have no previous swimming experience. The child swims in the water with the help of aids (circle, armlets, etc.)
II level (children aged 6-11) - Children have previous swimming experience. The child moves in the water without additional means for at least 20 m. Can slide on his back and stomach for at least 3 m. Knows the basic elements of swimming
III level (children aged 8-15) - The children have previous swimming experience. A child can swim at least 100m freestyle without stopping. Able to glide on his stomach and back for at least 5 m. Swims freestyle in full coordination, mastered other styles of swimming at the level of basic elements
Swimming classes’ time is 45 minutes; Total time is 75 minutes (including sauna)
Registration to the group is obligatory!
Swimming classes’ schedule 2022

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